Equidam Weekly 11th December

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Equidam Weekly 11th December

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The Equidam Weekly is a curated collection of readings delivered weekly to bring you the most informative articles on European growth companies, early stage funding and generally on how to build businesses in the motherland.

On EU Developments

Fabrice Grinda of OLX observes macroeconomic trends that will help startups remain private for longer in “The Startup Party is Far from Over” 

Mark Bivens of Truffle Capital says lack of trading volume affects the IPO of many tech companies in “Europe’s Tech IPO Market” 

Yuri Gitahy of Lean VC says VCs are searching among startups for future unicorns in “Herd Behaviour in Venture Capital” 

Ryan Weeks of Altfi News remarks the increasing impact of individual peer-to-peer lenders in “Funding for Lending Scheme is Paying Off” 

Shaun Abrahamson of Urban.us recognizes that seed stage companies are the focus of  VCs in “The Micro VCs are Coming” 

Nathan Benaich of Playfair Capital discusses whether investing in R&D is better than monetising on your technology in the short run in “Investing in Artificial Intelligence” 

On Growth

Dominik Vacikar of Spaceship shares his three golden rules to achieve startup growth in “Startup Growth with Zero Marketing Costs” 

Christian Hernandez of WhiteStar VC illustrates that growth momentum might not be enough to raise anymore in “Investors are Looking at Growth&Revenue” 

Steven Klein of StatusPage.io reveals that raising your price can be the quickest way to improve your business in “Three steps to Increase Average Revenue per User by 2.4x” 

Sebastian Peck of Digital Scene suggestst that to take advantage of the corporate VC an entrepreneur needs to do their own due diligence in “What Founders Shoud Look out for” 

Alejo Fabian Fernandez of says that improving your product is a continuous process in “Why Internationalization is Important for Startups ” 

Dean Jacobs of Wibbu advocates that the first step to securing an investment is to prove there is a market for your idea in “Finding&Attracting Investment” 

Ben Horowitz of A16Z suggests startup growth needs to happen gradually in “How to Ruin Your Company with One Bad Process” 

Luca Keresztesi of Day One Capital outlines how to define the expected outcome of an investment in “What is an Investment Thesis” 

Is Big Data becoming too Crowded?

Gianluca Valentini of Equidam discusses the saturation of the Big Data market in “Platfora raises 30M in an extension of their Series C” 


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