Equidam Weekly 23rd June

To grow faster, hit pause

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Equidam Weekly 23rd June

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The Equidam Weekly is a curated collection of readings delivered weekly to bring you the most informative articles on growth companies, early stage funding and generally on how to build businesses in the motherland.

Read This Before Writing a Business Plan

Call them unfashionable, long, unread, or boring, everybody that wrote business plans can tell you that putting all your thoughts on paper in an ordered manner and justifying the assumptions will help you spot both business opportunities and flaws in your current model. We created this article with resources, tips and examples to craft successful and useful business plans.

business plan

On Developments

Tomasz Tunguz of Repoint Ventures discusses how the world could change if technology companies, by leveraging their near-infinite balance sheets and unique distribution that incumbents simply can’t match, initiated M&A of traditional industries in  “Why Amazon’s Acquisition Of Whole Foods Matters For Startupland”

Brad Feld of Foundry Group shares his point of view on how “differentiation” is one of those words that gets overused to the point of not meaning anything and applies it to VC funds in  “Does VC Fund Differentiation Matter?”

Scott Kupor of a16z analyses the reasons why the number of IPOs has fallen by more than half since two decades ago and addresses a way forward to have startups going public and contribute to the overall economy in  “Where Have All the IPOs Gone?”

Mary Meeker outlines the future path for smartphones, games, voice queries, healtcare wearables and much more in her annual “2017 internet trends report”

Pini Yakuel, cofounder and CEO of Optimove outlines the differences between the US and Israel fundraising landscapes and the benefits from choosing profitability vs growth in “The Case for Opting Out of Silicon Valley’s ‘Growth or Die’ Culture”

On Growth

Mark Suster of Upfront Ventures explains that a healthy tension between profits and growth is present in any tech startup and how to deal with it in “Should Startups Care About Profitability?”

Stripe’s COO Claire Hughes Johnson shares a list of questions companies should ask themeselves to make sure they are intentional and not reactive as they head into rapid growth in  “To Grow Faster, Hit Pause”

Wayne Chang and of Jeff Seibert of Crashlytics discuss how to vet and work with your cofounder in “#43 Traction Podcast by NextView Ventures”

Sarah Friar of Square and Jason Child of Opendoor outline the importance for CFOs to “seek truth” in the numbers and the two sides to thinking about fundraising — supply and demand — in “The Job of a CFO at a Scaling Company”

Peter Fenton, GP of Benchmark explains what is his psychology around valuation, especially with regards to ownership levels in “How To Differentiate Between Good & Great VCs”


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