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Our patent pending technology uses researched and established methods and makes them available to everybody. Before you get started, check out the five valuation methods we are using to discover your company value.

  • Checklist Method

    The Checklist Method improves on standard asset methods by valuing intangible assets like your Team, Intellectual Property, and Business model. Each qualitative question is aimed at estimating the asset value of the company.

  • Scorecard Method

    The value of similar companies, “comparables”, is the basis of this method. Using comparables as the starting point, this method estimates the valuation difference between you and the group according to your specific company qualities.

  • Venture Capital Method

    Used by the Venture Capital industry for decades, the VC method is quick and simple. It assumes a sale value of the company in 3 years and discounts it according to the risk level.

  • DCF with Multiples

    Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) methods are the gold standard for company valuation. This particular method uses a profit multiple to determine the future value of the company and discounts this and all other cash flows according to the business risk.

  • DCF with Long Term Growth

    The second Discounted Cash Flow method determines future cash flows using the Long Term Growth model that assumes the company will continue to grow at the average growth of the industry it operates in.


When dealing with investors, stakeholders, lawyers or employees, presentation is key. Present your company in a professional way with your valuation report. Check out the sample report now.


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