Software Engineer Internship

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The person we are looking for will play a key role in research, strategy, and design of the Equidam infrastructure. During the experience, your input will be of primary importance in scaling our infrastructure to handle way more users, entrepreneurs and accountants, and data.

During the internship you will be challenged with the latest technologies in terms of security, data storage, and system administration.

You will participate in the integration of important financial APIs that will work seamlessly in the Equidam engine. Equidam is the leader in analysis and representation of financial information for private businesses. Our infrastructure needs to be improved on a daily basis both in terms of technology and in terms of functionality. As part of the Equidam team your input will be of primary importance in deciding and scheduling changes and in leading the financial innovation for private enterprises on a global scale.

We want to find a person who is a self-starter and can work in autonomy. You may expect us to give you wide flexibility to let your creativity and gut feeling express freely.


  • A dynamic, international and young working environment
  • Flexible working hours: we prefer a goal-oriented approach rather than number of hours spent
  • Being part of the rising startup community in Rotterdam: our office is based in the ECE, Rotterdam’s startup hub
  • Extra work company activities, like social drinks and night-outs
  • Personal development: you will be your own manager – it’s time to prove yourself
  • Intern compensation


  • Infrastructure analysis and improvement
  • Work directly with the executive team to refine website functionality
  • Scalability improvement and handling of about 1000x the quantity of data the system handles now
  • Develop yourself and try new ways of achieving results
  • Integrating long term goals and short term objectives into the development strategy


The person we are looking for should have a background in engineering, system administration, database, computer science or related field. Should be familiar with the main programming languages such as HTML, Javascript, CSS (3) and PHP, SQL and PostgreSQL.
He/she should be organised and detail-oriented, articulate and confident to take the initiative and make decisions.