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At Equidam, we believe entrepreneurs deserve better ways to build their businesses. We believe in helping SMEs keep track and monitor their value in order to grow to new heights. And we believe that all this is achievable through innovation.


We take data security into great consideration. For this reason, we are using the same TIER-3 data centers used by the leading European banks. Our customers, being entrepreneurs, professionals or marketplaces, can feel confident that the storage will be encrypted and the data secured. Equidam is also registered at the Dutch National Privacy Authority and complies with the Dutch Data Protection Law (Wet Bescherming Persoonsgegevens). Your data is safe with us.


The performance of valuation and any other financial analysis often requires a team effort. With Equidam you can create an online working space for the members of your organization and better handle your customers. All information and the progress of your organization will be saved online and is available from any location.


We believe technology can substantially improve the performance of financial analysis by automating repetitive procedures. By saving time on non-value-added tasks, financial professionals can focus on applying their expertise to what really matters. Equidam is a great way to enhance internal efficiency and optimize team work, making it possible to serve more customers preserving high quality.