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April 2016

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Top 10 Italian Undiscovered Startups

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A few weeks ago we ran an analysis on the data we have about Italian companies and Italian startup scene in general. You can check it out here. The insights we got lead us to believe that there might be some pretty interesting startups in Italy that are growing and scaling undiscovered. So, we decided to dig deeper and find the Top 10 Champions of the Italian Startup Scene!

The List

So here it is, the top 10 undiscovered startups from Italy:

Rank Name Website
1 treedom Treedom
2 adviseonly AdviseOnly
3 greenrail GreenRail
4 biopic Biopic
5 SBSkin SBSkin
6 GeosNews
7 tiassisto24 TiAssisto24
8 MYagonism MyAgonism
9 Quicon Quicon
10 illo


Why these companies?

These companies displayed exceptional growth opportunity while not being on the main radar of investors or media websites. We analysed Equidam information and gathered external data to determine companies that exceeded the mean performance among their peer group, aggregated based on industry, stage, and country.

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