With our crowd of 740,000 investors, we’re proud to support ambitious entrepreneurs through our leading equity crowdfunding platform. We’ve helped more than 800 doers, makers and grafters raise over £680m. We’re eager to team up with exciting high-growth UK businesses looking to raise anything from £100k to £7m. We want to help fuel your vision and take your business to the next level.


Equity crowdfunding

As the leading provider of tax valuations in the United States, Carta has extensive experience with the provision of 409A valuations. A tax valuation with Carta will on average take 15-20 days from the valuation request to the finalized report. On top of tax valuations, Carta offers solutions for equity and cap table management.As an Equidam customer you benefit from waived on-boarding fees at Carta!

United States

409A Valuations

If you have an idea, but no company to bring it to market to yet, gust LAUNCH will help you with everything you need in order to get started. Besides facilitating the actual incorporation process, gust LAUNCH also offers help with establishing bylaws, issuing and managing stock, tax compliance and the creation and execution of legal agreements.As an Equidam customer you get an 8% discount on gust LAUNCH’s services!

United States

Incorporation Help

Founded as a spinoff of French investment bank BPI France, EuroQuity is one of the largest European investor matchmaking services with global reach. Upload your Equidam valuation report in your EuroQuity account to show that your valuation was computed with state of the art valuation methods and become more attractive to potential investors worldwide!


Investor Matchmaking

BizPlace is an investor matchmaking service operating in Italy. It allows you to collect investments through its network of 400 Italian investors by setting up an investment strategy for you, making sure you have all necessary documents ready, establishing connections between you and interested investors and helping you until the deal is closed.As an Equidam customer you get a 20% discount on BizPlace’s sign-up fee!

Italy & UK

Investor Matchmaking

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