Equidam is an online platform for startup valuation; we enable you to learn your company value, transparently discuss it, and close fair deals.

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Valuation is a key aspect of fundraising. Thanks to our partnership, you can make sure it is covered, and you get a 15% discount!

5 valuation methods

Handpicked to capture the value of startups from different points of views

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Valuation reports

Professional, clear and detailed valuation reports downloadable in one click

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Reliable data sources

Reliable data sources tailored to your country and industry

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130,000 STARTUPS

In 90 countries use Equidam to learn, monitor and grow their valuation

130,000 STARTUPS

In 90 countries use Equidam to learn, monitor and grow their valuation

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We care about your data. We don’t sell it, share it, and we do everything we can to protect it.


Equidam is the only thorough online valuation platform for startups. It’s quicker and more cost effective than traditional services.

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At Equidam we believe that a fair transaction is just the starting point of a healthy company. True entrepreneurs should make sure efforts and resources are invested in a worthy pursuit for all stakeholders involved, from founders to society as a whole. Valuation, as the combination of potential and risk, is the tool that makes this possible.