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The Challenge of Raising a Series A

Yotta Energy, faced challenges in valuing their business for potential investors during their early funding stages. They needed a reliable framework to justify their company’s valuation to attract investment effectively.

How Equidam Helped

Equidam provided Yotta Energy with a robust framework to evaluate and justify their business valuation to potential investors. This support was instrumental during both their Seed and Series A funding rounds, helping Yotta Energy to communicate their value to investors more convincingly and effectively.

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The Challenge of Defending a Valuation During Fundraising

Spiro Carbon faced the challenge of defending their company’s valuation during the fundraising process. Providing a robust valuation was crucial to attract the right investors and secure funding.

How Equidam Helped

Equidam assisted Spiro Carbon by providing a robust valuation tool that simplified the process of defending the startup’s valuation during fundraising, allowing them to focus on enhancing their business pitch and securing the right investors.

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The Challenge of Rewarding Employees with Shares

The valuation of employees shares was complex and time consuming for Share Council, delaying the implementation of equity compensation plans.

How Equidam Helped

Equidam’s valuations shortened the onboarding time for  new users by 50% and lowered the price to only 10% of the previous cost for the user.

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The Challenge to Maintain Accurate, Up-To-Date Valuations

The challenge for Venturerock was to maintain accurate, up-to-date valuations that could be communicated across their network to support investment decisions.

How Equidam Helped

Venturerock partnered with Equidam to develop a data-driven valuation flow, enabling a more transparent, objective, and efficient evaluation process for startups. This solution allowed Venturerock to maintain updated valuations while enhancing transparency.

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The Challenge of Standardizing the Valuation Process

GreenTec Capital Partners faced challenges in assessing risks and determining fair valuations for startups in Africa.

How Equidam Helped

Equidam helped GreenTec apply a consistent and objective valuation framework to assess risks and determine fair valuations for startups. Equidam helped standardize the valuation process, offering a clear starting point for investment negotiations and enhancing transparency in dealings with potential startups.

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How is the feedback from investors?

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Positive reactions from investors
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It was very useful as it took away any debate with investors on how we arrived at the valuation amount.” – Firdaus Mogul CEO – Check an Invoice Limited

“Quite good and the investors understood quite well the reports generated by Equidam – Guilherme Partner and CTO – Hometainment

“We worked with three what I would term “none-analytic” investors. The data provided by Equidam was very impressive to them. – Greg Foss CFO – Equity Sales&Marketing


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