Valuation for Multiple Startups

Analyse startups with five leading methodologies, providing multiple perspectives on your valuation in hours, not days. Our framework is built with early stage companies in mind, combining qualitative and quantitative factors.


Make valuation more practical, add information to investment decisions, track portfolio performance.


Add Startup Valuation to the list of services that you offer to clients, with proven methodology and data sources.


Use valuation to screen applications to your program and prepare graduating startups for investment.

Trusted by startup ecosystem leaders

Organisations around the world use Equidam, giving them a systematic and streamlined approach to Startup Valuation.



"The network receives an update on every company on a quarterly basis and based on that update, we calculate the Net Asset Value of the company with Equidam."

Marc Wesselink - CEO Venturerock



"The Equidam platform allows us to seamlessly generate a valuation report for our clients."

Tina Nyamache - Valuation Lead Raise


GreenTec Capital

"As start-up valuations can be contentious, Equidam’s tool provides a clear and objective framework at determining a fair value for a venture"

Tomi Davies - CIO GreenTec Capital Partners

140,000 STARTUPS

In 90 countries use Equidam to learn, monitor and grow their valuation

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We support and promote transparency – which is why we made our methodology open to everyone.

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Additional features

Equidam is built in a way to allow seamless usage across all levels of financial knowledge and company stage

Assisted financial projections

For the most technical items to forecast, we provide defaults based on the average performance of companies in the same industry

Unlimited valuation reports

You can adjust the information on the platform and, consequently, the valuation and reports as many times as needed

Possibility to exclude methods

If needed, you can decide to use a subset of the 5 available methods. This is useful in case of more established companies or special situations.

Customizable parameters

Expert users can adjust the full range of valuation parameters, including discount rate, EBITDA multiple, survival rate, WACC, and more.

Upload your financial model

Build your financial model in Excel and upload it directly to Equidam. We provide formatting tips and a template file to make this even easier.

Equidam API Integration

Our API allows third parties to connect directly with our valuation platform, offering all of the same functionality that is available to Equidam users. If you are interested in what our API may enable for your business, feel free to schedule a call to discuss the details around integration and pricing.

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Make it worth it

At Equidam we believe that a fair transaction is just the starting point of a healthy company. True entrepreneurs should make sure efforts and resources are invested in a worthy pursuit for all stakeholders involved, from founders to society as a whole. Valuation, as the combination of potential and risk, is the tool that makes this possible.