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As the leading platform for Startup Valuation, Equidam has evolved over ten years to serve the market for early-stage equity. Our valuation framework combines financial metrics with qualitative methodologies to give a more complete picture to venture capitalists, angel investors, and other related parties.

We enrich each valuation with public and private data sources, to give you the most complete picture possible without the time consuming processes of traditional valuation. Use our comprehensive methodology, designed for early stage companies, to get multiple perspectives on Startup Valuation.

Customer Highlights

Equidam is used by organizations around the world to solve the problem of doing Startup Valuations at scale. Whether it's efficient data collection or ensuring investment readiness, our platform can support your work with entrepreneurs.



"The network receives an update on every company on a quarterly basis and based on that update, we calculate the Net Asset Value of the company with Equidam."
Marc Wesselink - CEO Venturerock


GreenTec Capital

"Using Equidam enables GreenTec to apply a consistent approach to assessing risks and determining valuations for our prospective start-ups. As start-up valuations can be contentious, Equidam’s tool provides a clear and objective framework at determining a fair value for a venture"
Tomi Davies - CIO GreenTec Capital Partners



"The Equidam platform allows us to seamlessly generate a valuation report for our clients. The report provides support in the conversations that founders have with prospective investors, helping them to close fair deals more quickly and continue growing the value of their company."
Tina Nyamache - Valuation Lead Raise

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Make startup valuation more practical, add information to investment decisions, track portfolio performance.


Add Startup Valuation to the list of services that you offer to clients, with proven methodology and data sources.


Use valuation to screen applications to your program and prepare graduating startups for investment.

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Read the Full Methodology

We support and promote transparency – which is why we made our methodology open to everyone.

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Equidam API Integration

Our API allows third parties to connect directly with our valuation platform, offering all of the same functionality that is available to Equidam users. If you are interested in what our API may enable for your business, feel free to schedule a call to discuss the details around integration and pricing.

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Make it worth it

At Equidam we believe that a fair transaction is just the starting point of a healthy company. True entrepreneurs should make sure efforts and resources are invested in a worthy pursuit for all stakeholders involved, from founders to society as a whole. Valuation, as the combination of potential and risk, is the tool that makes this possible.