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In a software driven world, one-to-one relationships have more and more value. Consultants at Equidam Financial Services leverage on the knowledge and the technology developed by Equidam to support entrepreneurs in refining their financial projections, discussing specific financial issues and mentoring them in their path to fundraising.

Playing with spreadsheets, intuition and financial acumen, and outstanding proficiency in financial modelling are necessary as much as the ability to listen to our clients, understand their needs, and translating them in action.

At the same time, Financial Services helps Equidam broaden its view. You will come up with clients’ unanticipated requirements for the software: team work with our developers and collaborate in defining the future development of the Equidam Platform. As a financial expert, your knowledge will be continuously challenged and pushed to cutting edge research.


  • Take calls with prospects interested in consultancy services, understand their needs, and formulate proposals
  • Implement consultancy projects, such as financial modelling, advisory on specific fundraising issues, mentoring
  • Serve as financial expert of the company, elaborating the learning from the managed cases and improve Equidam’s understanding of the needs of the client
  • Spread financial knowledge by writing articles and doing research on cutting edge financial topics


  • Passion and curiosity for finance and the startup world. BA in Finance or Economics preferred.
  • Excellent financial modelling skills paired with knowledge of spreadsheet software (Excel, Google Sheets)
  • Good communication skills, both verbal and in writing
  • Craving to learn every day from team-mates, customers, news, scientific articles
  • Accuracy and punctuality in delivery, work organization, and reporting