Last updated: 20-9-2021

We are looking for a financial researcher or valuation expert or data analyst. The position is quite general and the exact role will depend on the individual strengths of the candidate.

The objective of this role is to keep Equidam’s valuation on the state of the art of methodologies and data.

This position is full time, and remote, ideally from a timezone compatible with Central European Time (CET).

  • Investigate and implement new algorithms and methodologies
  • Update Equidam’s data sources
  • Clearly communicate advancements internally and externally
  • Investigate and analyse data for internal and external purposes
  • Master or Ph.d. in finance/valuation/business/startups/statistics/blockchain
  • Some experience in startup valuation/fundraising/financials/data analysis
  • And/or some experience in blockchain finance
  • Passion for challenges, startups, finance, data
  • Ability to work independently
  • Ability to communicate and organise effectively with others
  • Language: English