At Equidam, we are right in the center of technology for private companies data and valuation. It is an unexplored territory, with technology, data, and business challenges that no-one has encountered before. At the heart of it all, our technology allows thousands of companies to learn, compute, and discuss their value, how much they are worth. Financially, this is one of the hardest things to estimate about a company. Computationally, this requires the merging of vast amounts of data, precision, and speed.

  • Streamline the architecture and interface to open to multi-user, multi-account models
  • We are reaching computation limit with current infrastructure and we’ll need to implement more powerful data pipelines
  • Streamline frontend and backend framework for much faster development

Technologies and experience

  • PHP, AngularJS, PostgreSQL
  • 2 years experience in web application development and architectural patterns
  • Knowledge of infrastructure setup and dev workflow
  • Nice to have: Python, Scss, Cassandra, Docker, Ansible, LXC