Welcome tothe new Equidam

We are extremely excited to release today our new message and brand! 

When Equidam started, its purpose was to prove to the world that startup valuation could be made accessible to entrepreneurs through technology. During the past years, our platform helped over 130,000 startups to understand their valuation, shaping this industry and how its transactions are carried out.

Now that our scale is different, we found the need to better define who we are and where we want to go.

We believe valuation is broader than the number that is put on a company. It is the only parameter that merges opportunity and risk and thus provides a much better indicator for decision making than the often used profit or revenues.

What we strive for is a world in which entrepreneurs use valuation to make sure efforts and resources are invested in a worthy pursuit for all stakeholders involved, from founders to society as a whole.

Make it worth it

/meɪk ɪt wɜːθ ɪt/ phrase.

Make it worth it is how we’d like the world to be: a world in which each person and each company undertakes a journey conscious of its potential and risks. Where ventures are not forfeited because of their hardships, but are not pursued because their risks are ignored. Even more broadly, the make it worth it is a cry for human potential, for unity in creating a future that benefits all of us. As, in the end, that specific contribution is the value that a company or an individual is bringing, and, thus, its worth.

The Miwi

  • Valuation: the core of what we do, represented by the pie chart
  • Transformation: there is no growth without transformation, each of us is continually transforming to grow and improve
  • Advance the planet: as private companies are central to the world, we take seriously the mission of empowering these companies in creating value for society

We’d like to thank everybody that helped us throughout this period and give a special mention to My Bit Design, without which the design would not have been possible!

We hope you enjoy the new Equidam and that it helps you on your quest to make it worth it!

The Equidam team

P.S.: We’re hiring for our brand new office in Valencia (Spain)!