Prices are central to any market. In equity crowdfunding, each startup’s valuation represents the deal’s price. Transparent and fair pricing is key to a thriving exchange of goods between parties.

Each crowdfunding platform chooses the level of influence they want on their proposition and prices. From total oversight and veto power, to an entirely hands-off application process where every startup is accepted regardless of their terms.

Most platforms offer something in between, granting freedom to the companies but trying to steer them in a direction that will make them look good to potential investors in order to conclude the transaction. This process is often manual, time-intensive for both parties, and can create friction in the signup process of the proposition.

We aim to make the valuation of propositions as straightforward and seamless as possible.

With the Equidam API:

  • a user could sign up, go through onboarding and provide their data.
  • in your backed, you’d see a new application; you can check the startup valuation calculated by Equidam and decide whether to approve it, change the data, or push back and have the company update their information.
  • once approved, all valuation data – including:
    • pre/post-money valuation with ranges
    • valuation of 5 methods
    • implied investor percentage ranges
    • multiples
    • all other valuation parameters
    • standardized financials down to cash flow
    • discount rates
  • is available to your platform to be displayed on the proposition page.
  • the valuation reports of the company are also available to be included in the proposition’s investment dossier.
  • this information is also available for marketing campaigns and internal reporting.

How does it work?

Once you have obtained your API key from our team, you’ll be able to start integrating our API. Through our API, your flow for valuing a new company should be:

  • create a new company.
  • POST the input data:
    • Financials
    • Questionnaire
    • Transaction
  • save the returned valuation for internal approval.
  • when approved, you can display returned valuation information and GET the PDF report.

You can update the information of any company in your portfolio just by POSTing the input again on the same routes.

All our Swagger documentation is available here.

Co-branded reports

Our PDF valuation reports can be displayed with only the Equidam brand or co-branded with the crowdfunding platform. Co-branding them identifies their provenience when they are shared with third-party investors not yet on the platform.

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