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We are looking for valuation‐enthusiastic students, who want to put to practice theoretical and critical skills on a wide range of companies, business models, geographies and people.

This position is unique in its kind because:

  • We are a unique company setting the standard for global private equity valuation
  • We give you (and expect) full autonomy
  • It’s a fast track to the world of M&A
  • It’s even a faster track to venture capital and private equity
  • It will change your perspective on the theoretical aspects of finance
  • It will give you direct access to the customer (can you handle it?)
  • It will shape your critical thinking
  • It will put you in a team of great minds

We only pick hungry, passionate individuals
As you are representing Equidam, we will look for professional attitude, problem solving mentality, conversational capabilities, empathy and self-confidence


Be very autonomous and self organized person

  • Try out, try again, look for solution, THEN ask for help
  • Excel at Excel (like that?!)
  • Be familiar with valuation theory
  • Deal with complexity and being able to break it down in simple pieces
  • Take decisions with no fear


  • Commitment: min. 2.5days/week, with min. 2 days at the office (ECE startup campus, Rotterdam)
  • Preference for 4-5 days
  • Starting date: ASAP
  • Compensation: €500 full-time + lunch included at the office
  • Duration: 4 to 6 months

This is a vocational call to all of those out there who love simple things in life: financial models and data research.

This role is particularly suited for those aspiring to a career in IB, VC or PE.