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Powered by the largest database on startups and private companies, we gathered a community of researchers from top universities to unveil hidden information necessary to foster knowledge and innovation worldwide.

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Luca Berchicci

Dean of Entrepreneurship at Rotterdam School of Management

Philipp Sandner

Professor at Frankfurt School of Finance & Management

Ofer Mintz

Senior Lecturer at University of Technology Sydney

Robin Miguel Betz

Researcher at Stanford University

Wang Renxuan

Ph.D. at Columbia University

Christoffer Alexander Iuel

Copenhagen Business School

Katrin Smolka

Researcher at Rotterdam School of Management

Yitong Wang

Lecturer at University of Technology Sydney

Lars Krahnstöver

Rotterdam School of Management

Adrien Alvero

Ph.D. at Columbia University

Francesco Contin

Data Scientist at Equidam

Luca Trevisan

Head of Valuation at Equidam


Leading data researchers base their judgment on the most complete private company database in the world.

Million Data points
Thousand Companies


Members of the Equidam Research Center are carrying on important pieces on private company research aimed at providing cutting-edge insights and benefitting the academic and entrepreneurial community.


Success and Growth

Factors influencing the success of private companies

Valuations and Funding

Industry-specific data and trends and how finance affects growth

Entrepreneurial Psychology

Grit, passion, enthusiasm or luck?