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Giulia Girardi

Top 10 Indian Undiscovered Startups

With about 4,200 startups, the Indian startup scene is the third worldwide, after US and UK. With IT hubs like Bangalore’s and a number of startups expected to nearly quadruple from 3,100 in 2014 to over 11,500 by 2020, India is one of the few hubs that are likely to outperform Silicon Valley in the near future. Besides 7 unicorns,…

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Kaggle Valuation [Infographic]

On September 4th, 2015 Kaggle announced its latest funding round: a Series A Round of $ 1.75M.  We analysed information about the company and its funding history to estimate its valuation – not disclosed by the company. Company information Description: Kaggle provides cutting-edge data science for solving real-world problems across a diverse array of industries including pharmaceuticals, financial services, energy,…

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Investors in The Netherlands

This table includes a list of investors and crowdfunding platforms active in The Netherlands, with details about their preferred stages of investments, focus area and location. Data Usage If you are an investor and you are not on this list, or if you have any changes to suggest on the information here provided, please do…

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The Flex Company Valuation [Infographic]

On October 6th, 2016 The Flex company announced its latest funding round: a Seed Round of $3M.  The resulting valuation is not disclosed by the company. We analysed information about the company and its funding history to estimate its valuation. Company information Description: The Flex Company is the leader in innovation for feminine care, and the sole maker of…

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Aceable Valuation: a Series A Down-Round [Infographic]

On September 23, 2016 Aceable announced its latest funding round: a Series A for $4M.  The resulting valuation is not disclosed by the company. We analysed information about the company and its funding history to estimate Aceable valuation. Company information Description: Aceable is a mobile app for drivers education. It offers state-approved courses, transforming normal lectures into fast-paced,…

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Burn rate: what it is and how it influences fundraising

  Why does your accounting show different figures from your actual cash flow? How long can your startup survive on the cash at hand? How much capital should you raise? In this article, we’ll answer all these questions. But first, some definitions: Burn Rate: Term used by venture/angel funded companies to refer to their monthly…

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Top 10 Emirates Undiscovered Startups

[Updated on January 11th, 2018] The United Arab Emirates have just recently ranked 31st out of nearly 200 other countries in the global index for ease of doing business and 19th in the rank for Global Entrepreneurship. In addition, the country has been seeing the emergence of many seed investment fund, as well as, startup incubators and accelerators.…

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Dilution 101: Calculation And Examples

  What is dilution? Dilution is the reduction in the ownership percentage in a certain company as an effect of the issuance of shares. There is a number of calculations to make before getting your final percentage of dilution. Let’s work them out with an example. Let’s say you are the only owner of a…

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how to reach out to investors

How To Reach Out To Investors [Video]

Do you prefer podcasts? Listen to the audio here In our post about the right timing for fundraising we mentioned that, during “jogging”, founders should build up a list so that they can efficiently reach out to investors during the fundraising “sprint”. The question now is: How to build up this list? How to identify right potential…

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Top 10 Canadian Undiscovered Startups

[Updated on March 12th, 2018] Ranked by KPMG as the most tax competitive country in the G7, along with the strong entrepreneurial mindset of its citizens, Canada has been climbing up the ranks of startup and tech hubs for the past several years.  Earlier this year, Toronto was placed third on a list of global tech…

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