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Daniel Faloppa

[Parameters Update P5.0] Average and maximum valuations

You can refer to the table below to see how the average valuation for the Scorecard Method and maximum valuation for the Checklist Method will change for your country specifically. We base our new country estimates on real transactions occurred all over the world since Jan 1st, 2016. Whenever we were not able to find a large enough…

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Read This Before Writing A Business Plan

Call them unfashionable, long, unread, or boring, business plans are still the main way to communicate what your company stands for to banks, potential shareholders, buyers and general stakeholders. However, business plans’ bad reputation is usually unjustified. It stems from the many hours it takes to write them, the fact that they are obsolete by…

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How we grew every single month without a budget

“Seven months ago me and my co-founder put together the first version of Spaceship in one weekend. We started by offering simple lead generation tools for Twitter, which were initially priced at $4.99 (one time-fee).” Says Dominik Vacikar, co-founder of Spaceship in this interesting piece about their revenue growth. Often times we think growth just happens,…

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Top 10 Italian Undiscovered Startups

A few weeks ago we ran an analysis on the data we have about Italian companies and Italian startup scene in general. You can check it out here. The insights we got lead us to believe that there might be some pretty interesting startups in Italy that are growing and scaling undiscovered. So, we decided to…

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The 10 Characteristics Of Startup Valuation

High valuations or better yet unrealistic valuations are the underlying cause of a bubble. However, valuations are always just opinions and agreements, they always come down to what the market is willing to pay. How do you find out, then, if your startup valuation is too high? A realistic valuation is based on an honest…

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Lower Valuations Explained: Should Entrepreneurs Care?

“Morgan Stanley marked down it’s Flipkart participation[1]”, “Fidelity slashes down more startup valuations[2]”, “VCs say they’ll be more careful with new investments[3]” and the list goes on and on and on. Opinions bounce around the Internet like lights of a mirror, and when content aggregators, AMAs, blogs and newsletters all republish the same articles about the market change,…

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Startup valuation methods

How To Value A Business

While it is true that valuing a business is part art and part science, specific methodologies are available to determine the valuation of your company. In this article, we are going to work out an example of how to value a business using 5 of the most frequently used valuation methodologies. But first, we need…

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Top 10 Danish Undiscovered Startups

Copenhagen, and Denmark in general, are experiencing exceptional startup growth. Thanks to the presence of business schools such as CBS, the talent and the resources of Denmark are proving to be important assets in its future startup development. A large number of companies are growing under the radar. We believe they deserve to be discovered,…

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how do convertible notes work

How Do Convertible Notes Work [Infographic]

After discussing how to price convertible notes, we realised that there is a simpler way to explain what they are. Convertible notes are quite simple when understood. They basically are a debt that converts into equity when a certain event (trigger event) happens. They have however some common clauses that are key to determining the equity…

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convertible note

Practical Advice On Convertible Notes

Are you issuing a convertible note? Are you doing it to avoid the headaches of setting a valuation on your startup? Well.. think again! Convertible notes bring their own set of calculations and negotiation and for the sake of yourself and your startup, you should pay as much attention to them as to any valuation…

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