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Daniel Faloppa

Crowdfunding Platforms Serve As Information Brokers

In the previous post, we explained how VC funds and crowdfunding platforms can partner up. In this post, we will analyze how this collaboration can be established and what the unique advantages  for VC funds are. Starting from the description of the investment process of VC funds, it is important to stress that these organizations…

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Crowdfunding: Information Broker for Early-Stage Venture Capital Funds

In the previous post we analyzed the advantages that associations of Business Angels, namely Business Angel Networks (BANs), may enjoy by creating strategic partnerships with crowdfunding platforms. The combination leads to the birth of what Harrison and Mason (2002) call the “second” generation of BANs. In this post we extend the analysis to the second,…

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Crowdfunding: Why Business Angel Networks are Inefficient

The Second Generation of Business Angel Networks (BANs) In the previous article I have discussed some empirical research that proved the existence of a limited exposure of Business Angels to promising projects. I used this fact to support my thesis about the need of a centralized online marketplace that will benefit not only entrepreneurs but…

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Crowdfunding: Business Angels and the Lack of Suitable Investment Opportunities

Business Angels’ Limited Exposure Business Angels (BAs) are the major providers of investment capital at seed, early-stage and startup stage (Harrison and Mason, 2000). Having such an influential role, those that are officially recognized as such are usually well known in entrepreneurial environment. They are part of BANs and other associations that foster networking and…

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The First Fully European Literature on Startup Scaling

This post originally appeared on Medium here ‘All told [American VCs] did not [seem to have] a strong impulsion to transfer a new block of cash to an account in London, Paris or Berlin, to dig in.’ This is the picture left by the talks at TechCrunch Disrupt London last Monday by a panel of SV VCs.…

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Crowdfunding: The Emergence of Online Investing

Online investing is a new trend in venture capital industry that has arisen in recent years. It started from the belief that a gap exists between demand side (startups, capital seekers) and offer side (seed and early stage investors). Along with the soaring digitalization of economy, online platforms aiming at connecting such demand and supply were…

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How to Negotiate with Investors: Pre-money Valuation

Attention from investors is the first thing. We discussed that in our previous post. If you have a good startup idea and follow some guidelines, there is a high chance to get noticed. Let’s imagine you succeeded and got investors’ first interest. After some introductory meetings, there comes a point at which the discussion gets…

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Investment paid in services. What’s the value?

Investors often own different complementary businesses. Some of these businesses may be focused on services that can actually be useful to your firm when you are approaching an investment. A fairly common example is marketing. If the investor owns a marketing company and you are selling part of your company to pay for the new advertising…

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Drivers in Investment-Based Online Crowdfunding

In one of our previous posts, I outlined both the theoretical potential of investment-based crowdfunding as well as the possible reasons underlying its delay compared to the consumption-based model. In this paragraph I first summarize the measures that can boost online investment propensity into bullet-points and later describe each one individually. Key factors Offset information asymmetry…

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An Angel Investor And Economist On Dilution

There are two statements in general you can hear out there related to dilution: Future rounds are going to dilute my participation so you should allow me a larger share now to prevent this from happening! Cash is neutral; you are diluted in terms of control, but if you’d like to avoid dilution you can…

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