As part of our continuous improvement of both our calculations and our internal parameters, on October 23rd, 2019 you’ll be upgraded to the latest version of Equidam with updated valuation parameters. This may result, on average, in a slight valuation decrease.

What’s changing

1 | VC method pre-money valuation

We are going to release a change to the VC method to further improve its compliance with valuation standards, theory and research.

The change is the addition of the post money step in the calculation. The valuation returned by discounting the terminal value will result in the post money valuation of the company, to which the investment amount will be subtracted to calculate the premoney, used in the average and range calculations of Equidam.

2 | Corporate Income Tax (CIT) for UK and The Netherlands 

Both UK and The Netherlands planned reductions of tax rates for 2020, and the Netherlands also for 2021. This will reflect in lower projected taxes for companies based in those countries and thus a likely increase in their valuation.

Please don’t hesitate to let us know in case you have any questions. Thanks for using Equidam!

The Equidam Team

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