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Stefani Bozadzhieva

Equidam Weekly 9th June

The Equidam Weekly is a curated collection of readings delivered weekly to bring you the most informative articles on growth companies, early stage funding and generally on how to build businesses in the motherland. Daniel Faloppa of Equidam describes 5 of the most frequently used valuation methods and works out an example to calculate the…

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Startup valuation_storytelling

Can Uber’s Valuation Be Explained By Only Numbers?

Can you measure the value of a company relying entirely on financial tools and models? Should you ignore the story and vision behind the numbers? We say that an interplay between the numbers and the story produces the most reliable valuation. Demystifying Valuation The business valuation process is an agreement between two parties, where the…

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milestones to raise series A

Milestones To Raise Series A In 2017

Do you prefer to listen to podcasts? Listen to the audio here Any metric of VC activity has slowed down over the past 12 months  – anything from the number of deals to the average capital investment and even valuations. This was triggered in 2015, and had a waterfall effect on VC activity and caused a change…

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how to increase valuation

How To Increase Valuation

Do you prefer to listen to podcasts? Listen to the audio here I have a patent and that is a reason to determine a high valuation! My team has a lot of experience in this field, so our company should be valued more! We have a unique sales team and that should set our valuation…

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term sheet

Term Sheet: Common Terms & Practices To Be Aware Of

In this post we are going to touch upon some of the concepts that occur in a term sheet and the general underlying principles. The difference between an angel round, a seed round and a Series A is that the latter involves institutional investors, such as VC firms. These types of investors usually have more sophisticated requirements in…

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DCF in startup valuation

DCF in Startup Valuation

Question: Why would you use financial methods for the valuation of a startup company? Answer: Because the public market uses it for valuations. And more in depth, for these 2 reasons: 1| The public market has an effect on private valuations With public market we mean companies traded on the various stock exchanges. They are usually…

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unit economics

Unit Economics For Startups

Do you prefer podcasts? Listen to the audio here Unit economics are basically a summary  of your company’s current performance. They  are intrinsically specific to the business model you have. However, there are some common patterns. Nowadays the key to building a  sustainable business is recurring revenues. I am not explicitly saying you should build a…

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valuation multiples

Valuation Multiples: Why Do We Use Them & How [Video]

Multiples is a term widely used in lots of valuation theories. But why do we use valuation multiples? We assume that a peer group of comparable firms for which the market value is available can be used as a proxy for the valuation of the company we are evaluating right now. The multiple is a ratio, composed…

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what investors look for in an entrepreneur

What Investors Look For In An Entrepreneur

Do you prefer podcasts? Listen to the audio here A lot of trust is involved in investing in early-stage companies. This trust is directed mainly towards you and your co-founders. If you are a famous founder – you can raise capital even with a back-on-the-envelope business plan, because you have a high credibility in the market.…

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