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company valuation

The 10 Characteristics Of Startup Valuation

High valuations or better yet unrealistic valuations are the underlying cause of a bubble. However, valuations are always just opinions and agreements, they always come down to what the market is willing to pay. How do you find out, then, if your startup valuation is too high? A realistic valuation is based on an honest…

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Investment paid in services. What’s the value?

Investors often own different complementary businesses. Some of these businesses may be focused on services that can actually be useful to your firm when you are approaching an investment. A fairly common example is marketing. If the investor owns a marketing company and you are selling part of your company to pay for the new advertising…

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With and without VCs, differences in valuation

I want to present my approach on how to deal with difficulty of contracting the value of the company with VCs. They know what they are talking about and if you don’t know much about finance, your counter arguments are going be weak. And, as a result, you are going to undersell your company. Today,…

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From Seed to IPO, the funding roadmap for startups

For startups, funding and capital raising are continuous processes. As the company grows, expansion requirements erode capital. For this reason the company finds itself raising more than one round of external finance. During the different rounds, the complexity of the deal raises as well as the valuation. More mature companies will have the cash flow and…

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The Startup Financing Cycle

This article is a sort of an introduction to the startup financing problem. It originated from a question we received and is important to understand the very very basics of the financial needs of a startup. Probably (and hopefully) we will produce millions of articles to explore all the different corners that this interesting problem…

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