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Top 10 French Undiscovered Startups

Growing governmental initiatives to support the startup scene, a well-developed venture capital industry and the announcement of the €200million fund to invest in startup accelerators across France are only some of the reasons why Paris is trumping the German capital in the list of the best European cities for startups and scale-ups according to the…

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Top 10 German Undiscovered Startups

[Updated on January 9th, 2018] Government support, lower costs and talent-attractive cities as Berlin are just few of the reasons that led to Germany to rank #9 on the Global Startup Ecosystem Ranking and #2 in Europe. Much has been said about the home of Rocket Internet and Germany’s striving startup scene. However, because of such…

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Top 10 Italian Undiscovered Startups

A few weeks ago we ran an analysis on the data we have about Italian companies and Italian startup scene in general. You can check it out here. The insights we got lead us to believe that there might be some pretty interesting startups in Italy that are growing and scaling undiscovered. So, we decided to…

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Top 10 Danish Undiscovered Startups

Copenhagen, and Denmark in general, are experiencing exceptional startup growth. Thanks to the presence of business schools such as CBS, the talent and the resources of Denmark are proving to be important assets in its future startup development. A large number of companies are growing under the radar. We believe they deserve to be discovered,…

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