This infographic originally apparead on Vound Software Blog

How to rock your crowdfunding campaign? We at Equidam have often asked and tried to give an answer to that question ourselves. If you are curious to see what we think we have some really good ideas on The Drivers Of Online Crowdfunding and How To Stand Out From The Crowd.


Crowdfunding has been the focus of many entrepreneurs not just because of the appeal of receiving feedback about your business idea, venture or project but also because of the enormous capital potential that hides behind crowdfunding. However, if crowdfunding is such a great opportunity why only very few small business owners have used it as a fundraising strategy? If the potential is so high, why only less than half of the companies reach their funding goals?

Crowdfunding Campaign

Joseph Hogue from Crowd101 says it is because of bad preparation before launching your campaign. This infographic summarises his tips on how to rock your crowdfunding campaign.



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