The Biggest Fintech Hubs

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The Biggest Fintech Hubs

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Fintech is on the rise! As we have previously seen in other blog posts, Fintech startups are thriving and the industry is advancing! This infographic shows the best locations to build a Fintech startup worldwide. Some of them you are well aware of- San Francisco and New York. However, you might be surprised by the ones that follow in the ranking of The 6 Biggest Fintech Hubs Worldwide.


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San Francisco – the undisputed Capital of Fintech recognised worldwide is San Francisco, where the Silicon Valley gives start to numerous successful companies.

New York – this is the place where the Fintech deal values are among the highest in the world. They amount to a total of $768 million.

London – the British capital is  where everyone is looking at the moment. Previously recognised as the European Fintech capital, London now maintains the third place for Fintech startups in the world with a total contribution of $100 million to the industry.

Dublin – combining its history as a technological centre with the new business accelerators and convenient tax breaks for businesses, Dublin is in the making for an internationally recognised Fintech Hub.

Singapore – the rise of the economy in Singapore and the two newly established business hubs design the perfect environment for breeding Fintech giants.

Sydney – the Australian government is taking serious measures, such as incentivising entrepreneurs and establishing business hubs, to ensure that Sydney is acknowledged as a global Fintech hub.

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