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business growth

financial projections: bottom-up approach

Financial Projections: The Bottom-Up Approach [VIDEO]

Do you prefer podcasts? Listen to the audio here. Financial projections cause headaches to many entrepreneurs. The main purposes of this article are clarifying the major doubts around this topic and giving guidelines on the methods, the mindset to adopt when computing projections and the tools and tips that may be useful in the process. The two main…

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how do convertible notes work

How Do Convertible Notes Work [Infographic]

After discussing how to price convertible notes, we realised that there is a simpler way to explain what they are. Convertible notes are quite simple when understood. They basically are a debt that converts into equity when a certain event (trigger event) happens. They have however some common clauses that are key to determining the equity…

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Flexibility in Startup Financing: Alternative options

There are several ways to accept external funds from investors. Debt is strict and it doesn’t really match a flexible structure like the one of a startup. However, there are some shortcuts where entrepreneurs and investors might find an agreement which would benefit both parties. The entrepreneur has a wide range of instruments which will…

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How to attract investors’ attention?

Wondering how to convince investors of your idea? Use the right tools to display your strengths! In the previous article we went through some of the most important aspects investors value when deciding upon the investment in your startup. This qualitative analysis also plays a big role in the valuation that the interested parties will attribute…

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What do We Mean by Risk

“Risks have to be compensated” “There is a difference between idiosyncratic and systematic risk” “This return does not cover the huge risk I’m taking”. These are just three of the common statements about risk that everyone, sooner or later, encounters. But what is risk? And why is it so important? Understanding the concept and the…

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Valuation Principles: Liquidation, Time Value Of Money, Multiples

Can you actually put a price on something that changes as quickly as businesses? The answer is…yes! But before we do that, we need to talk about the underlying valuation principles and lay down a framework for valuing businesses. To understand the valuation of a company we first have to identify what the definition of the…

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