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The Definitive Guide To Startup Valuation

This article originally was published on the MergeLane Blog and is republished with permission of MergeLane The valuations set for each round of financing can have significant consequences for startup investors and entrepreneurs. Thanks to new and improved startup resources, it’s now much easier to understand how high startups can value their company. However, the…

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Average Discount Rate For A Convertible Note

A few weeks ago, we built and released a convertible note calculator. It’s useful for making scenarios and forecast your equity outcome, but we gave it a twist. Most calculators out there are static, they perform what you, with little financial knowledge, could build in excel in about an hour. Ours is dynamic, it gives…

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convertible note

Practical Advice On Convertible Notes

Are you issuing a convertible note? Are you doing it to avoid the headaches of setting a valuation on your startup? Well.. think again! Convertible notes bring their own set of calculations and negotiation and for the sake of yourself and your startup, you should pay as much attention to them as to any valuation…

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Flexibility in Startup Financing: Alternative options

There are several ways to accept external funds from investors. Debt is strict and it doesn’t really match a flexible structure like the one of a startup. However, there are some shortcuts where entrepreneurs and investors might find an agreement which would benefit both parties. The entrepreneur has a wide range of instruments which will…

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How Do Investors Value A Startup?

Valuing companies is tricky. The methods used to value a company are dependent on the stage of development of the startup. Coming up with the price for early-stage startups is particularly difficult because they have little-to-no track record. So here comes the question:  How do angel investors value a startup? If you are in this…

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Crowdfunding Campaign: How to stand out from the crowd

Crowdfunding is becoming an increasingly popular way of financing businesses. Nowadays, the world of crowdfunding offers entrepreneurs multiple options with unique pros and cons. Today we will dive into equity crowdfunding, where the crowd invests in a company in exchange for shares. In other words, the investors become shareholders of the company. Although the newspapers are…

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Equity or debt? The Startup Case

Well, it’s time to get out of the office and find out someone willing to put some money in your startup. You have been told that there are several sources available but first you have to figure out a simple choice: would you attract funds in the form of debt or in the form of…

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dcf in startup valuation

DCF Valuation for Startups

We already talked about projections, cash flows and relevant topics surrounding startup financial valuation. But how do you convert all these parameters to the future to calculate the value of the company today? One of the major methods to be used is called Discounted Cash Flow (DCF). What is DCF? To start, check out this…

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