Equidam Weekly 18th December

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Equidam Weekly 18th December

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The Equidam Weekly is a curated collection of readings delivered weekly to bring you the most informative articles on European growth companies, early stage funding and generally on how to build businesses in the motherland.

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On EU Developments

Tomasz Tunguz of Redpoint points out that the best time to start your business is when you have a unique perspective on the market in “Is Now a Good Time to Start a Company?” 

Neil Murray of Tech.eu discusses the European startup scene based on the number of exits in “A Strong Year for EU Tech Exits” 

David Beisel of NextView discloses that startups that operate in the largest consumer spending industries are the billion dollar companies in “Where We Should Be Looking for the Next Unicorns” 

Glenn. W. Leaper of Nordic Business Media dicusses the effects of loosening restrictions on business in “The Awakening of the European Failure Culture” 

Niklas Zennström of  Atomico & Riku Mäkelä of Slush raise the issue of bridging the late stage funding gap in “The State of European Tech” 

On Growth

Christoph Janz of Point Nine Capital introduces his tool for calculating MRR in “Simple Tool to Improve Planning” 

Ramli John of GrowthHuddle reveals how growth hacking can kill your startup in “How Do You Know You Are Ready to Grow” 

Mitchell Harper of PeopleSpark outlines a few ways to improve the conversion on your website in “ABT- Always Be Testing” 

Sachin Kamdar of Parse.ly recognizes that only companies that fully understand metrics will succeed in “We’re still getting an “F” in metrics” 

Patrick Campbell of Price Intelligently reveals the biggest pricing mistakes that he has observed in startups in “What You Don’t Know About Pricing Can Hurt You” 

Taro Fukuyama of AnyPerk discusses startup failure and finding the next big idea in “We Knew It Wasn’t Working” 

Yash Kotak of FundaMine lists 5 mistakes he made in building his IoT startup in “The Retail Chasm” 

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