Equidam Weekly 1st July

Equity Boundaries At Different Stages

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Equidam Weekly 1st July

The Equidam Weekly is a curated collection of readings delivered weekly to bring you the most informative articles on EU growth companies, early stage funding and generally on how to build businesses in the motherland.

Equity Boundaries At Different Stages

Gianluca Valentini of Equidam explains what the connection is between invested capital, equity stake and valuation in “Equity Percentages To Offer Investors At Different Rounds”


On EU Developments

Richard Wheat of MRM explains how investors consider crowdfunding as an alternative to bank deposits in “Evolving Crowdfunding: Three Issues The Industry Is Facing”

Sebastiaan Vaessen of Naspers Group claims the next billion-dollar entrepreneurs will come from São Paulo, Bengaluru or Shenzhen in “The Opportunities Silicon Valley Doesn’t See”

Brian Daly of Techstars identify over 500 investors focused on European startups in “The Map Of Digital Investors In Europe”

Jason Rowley of Mattermark measures the changes in the VC market since 2014 in “Which VCs Have The Most Portfolio Companies With $100M Or More In Funding? $250M?”

Carlos Espinal of Seedcamp discusses the challenges of investing in innovation in Africa in “The Future Of Investing In Africa”

On Growth

Mark Suster of Upfront Ventures discusses the trade offs founders face when deciding how much to raise in “Why Raising Too Much Money Can Harm Your Startup”

Elizabeth Yin of 500 Startups says that the purpose of your email deck is to get a meeting and not convince them to invest in “The Ideal Email Deck”

Alex Taussig of Lightspeed Venture Partners explains why repeat rate is meaningless only taken on its own in “Repeat Rate Is A Vanity Metric”

Tomasz Tunguz of Redpoint Ventures says that the key to selling promotions is understanding how the target buyer is goaled and rewarded within the company in “You’re In The Business Of Selling Promotions”

Guy Turner of Hyde Park Ventures shares his thoughts on how the Brexit will affect startups fro his portfolio and in general in “What Startups Can Learn From Brexit”

Nic Brisbourne of Forward Partners explains a decision-making model that is useful for startup founders in “Debating With Intuition As Well As Logic”

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