Equidam Weekly 30th June

Innovation in Government is Hard, But Not Impossible

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Equidam Weekly 30th June

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The Equidam Weekly is a curated collection of readings delivered weekly to bring you the most informative articles on growth companies, early stage funding and generally on how to build businesses in the motherland.

DCF Valuation For Startups

DCF valuation is the golden standard for pricing publicly traded comapnies. But can it be applied to early-stage, high-growth, high-risk ventures? Here are two main startup-specific adjustments to DCF methods that can not only expand their usefulness in early-stage valuation but make them a reliable check when valuing ventures and their potential risk and return.

dcf in startup valuation


On Developments

Steve Blank outlines that innovation is possible anywhere, you just can’t approach it the same way everywhere, in “Innovation in Government is Hard, But Not Impossible”

Elizabeth Yin of 500 startups challenges all of us to think about what concretely we can do to help eliminate sexual harassment and inappropriate behavior in the startup world, and lays down how she will take action in “Speaking up about sexual harassment is hard. But we must start a new chapter.”

Erik Brynjolfsson of MIT and Andrew McAfee discuss how do companies make choices and tradeoffs in designing products between humans and machines, whether it’s sales people vs. chatbots, or doctors vs. AIs in a a167z Podcast called “The Fatal Conceit and Companies, Networks, Crowds”

Michael Beckerman, President of the Internet Association shares how does lobbying play out for tech companies given the tech industry’s increasing engagement with policy in “Lobbying Tech”

On Growth

Tomas Barreto of Engineering at Box credits biohacking for giving him resilience and capacity, both of which he needed in spades to grow his team from 5 to 130, from its early days through a high-profile IPO in “Biohacks For A Better Career”

Christoph Janz of PointNine Capital analyses whether Product/Market Fit is a discrete event, or there is a gradual development towards it in “WTF is PMF?”

Brian Balfour of Reforge breaks down the difference between companies where growth seems to come easily despite having organizational chaos and those where growth feels much harder, and outlines a framework for $100M+ growth in “Why Product Market Fit Isn’t Enough”

Josh Elman of Greylock Partners discusses with the former growth leaders at Airbnb and Uber how growth teams have changed from doing it all, to evangelizing the rest of the company so everyone can manage product innovation in “Growth: A Combination of Art and Science”

Tomasz Tunguz of Repoint Ventures explains the importance of selling to everyone in your startup’s supply chain so that end consumers have a chance to assess the full value proposition in “Adoption Chain Risk”


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