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4th December

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Equidam Weekly 4th December

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The Equidam Weekly is a curated collection of readings delivered weekly to bring you the most informative articles on European growth companies, early stage funding and generally on how to build businesses in the motherland.

On EU Developments

Robin Wauters of Techeu claims only one of out of three European startups are acquired by domestic companies in “European Scale-ups Raise $23Billion in Total” 

Ciarán O’Leary talks about the efforts to make certain milestone valuations in “Building a House of Cards” 

Neil Murray of The Nordic Web suggests the gap between European startups and US startups is closing in “13 European Companies Became Unicorns” 

Steve Blank of Stanford claims that innovation outposts of big corporations are most likely going to fail in “Innovation Outposts are moving to Innovation Clusters” 

Abhas Gupta of Wildcat Venture Partners shares thoughts on the Fundamental Law of Growth in “Distinguishing Unicorns from Donkeys” 

On Growth

Chris Moore of Redpoint Ventures suggests that investment front-runners operate in emerging categories in “3 Steps for Creating an Early B2B Market Leader” 

Mitchell Harper of PeopleSpark talks about 3 warning signs that your startup is up for a fail in “When You are Heading for a Crash” 

Christoph Janz of Point Nine Capital explains when talking about net MRR per month is more appropriate than talking in percentages in “Month-over-month Growth Rates” 

Jean de La Rochebrochard of Kima Ventures shares 4 of the most important startup KPIs in “The Fantastic 4” 

Philippe Botteri of Accel Partners talks about the importance of a service with a value proposition that works in various markets in “How to Pick the Next Country to Launch in” 

Yannick Roux of EC1 Capital says the founders he would work for are the ones he invests at in “2 Factors to Look at When Investing at Early Stage Companies” 

Chloe Daniel of German Tech Entrepreneurship Center explains why startups need help even post-acceleration in “What Startups Need to Succeed” 

European Startup Scene Series: Article 3

Daniel Faloppa of Equidam suggests there are 3 key things that differentiate EU startups from the competition in “What Sets European Startups Apart?” 


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